财政援助政策 & 项目

The 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 believes that the opportunity for a college education should be within the reach of all interested individuals. 学院的 financial aid program is designed to assist the student who seeks an education but 缺乏融资的手段. 财政援助办公室的一个目的是提供帮助 students who have a financial need to acquire resources to fund their education.

All students who are accepted to 闲庄和游戏 and apply for financial aid will be considered for financial aid regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, 年龄或残疾. 获得经济资助的学生必须取得令人满意的进步 to continue their eligibility and have documented attendance in all registered classes. Assistance in completing the financial aid application process is available through 你当地的顾问.

There are several types of financial aid available to 闲庄和游戏 students, including:

  • 联邦佩尔助学金 
  • 联邦补充教育机会补助金 
  • 联邦工作学习,校园奖学金 
  • 外/私人奖学金. 

内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院's school code for the FAFSA is 015339.

ACT学院代码:  7953

Certain persons may qualify for special forms of financial aid, such as vocational rehabilitation, veteran's benefits, Bureau of Indian Affa国税局 Higher Education Grants (FAFSA must be completed and strict deadlines) and Adult Vocational Training, and 劳动力发展法案资金. Early application for all financial aid funding sources is strongly encouraged. A preferred date of 30 days prior to the start of attendance is suggested.

All grant and scholarship awards will be credited to student accounts to cover items 比如学费和杂费. If student aid exceeds the educational expense, the excess amount will be 退款ed to the student according to the 闲庄和游戏 financial aid disbursement schedule up to the 最高出勤费用. 助学金和奖学金的目的是只涵盖 你的教育费用.


The 闲庄和游戏 财政援助办事处 is the official institutional depository for student 经济援助记录. Financial aid information and applications are available through 这个办公室. The 财政援助办事处 works with students, parents, and counselors to de术语ine eligibility for one or a combination of several kinds of financial aid 帮助支付教育费用的援助.


All regular degree or certificate-seeking students at 闲庄和游戏 who are interested in financial aid assistance or scholarships must complete the Free Application for Federal Student (FAFSA)在注册课程之前. FAFSA表格在 http://studentaid.gov/. 闲庄和游戏对FAFSA的学校代码是 015339. You will sign this online application with a pin # and if you are a dependent student your parent or guardian will need to sign using their own pin#.

第一次,新的 MyStudent援助 mobile app makes it possible for you to complete the FAFSA on your phone or tablet. 你可以为你的 苹果 or 安卓 设备.

The application should be completed only after parents and/or students have filed 联邦所得税. 使用准确的实际数据尽快完成FAFSA figures from your income tax forms (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ forms). 如果你没有 一份你的纳税申报表副本,你可以使用上面的链接 http://studentaid.gov 查阅您的税务资料. 如果您还没有提交联邦纳税申报表,请咨询 金融援助办公室或AAR员工.

This application will de术语ine how much you and your family should be able to contribute toward your college costs and will demonstrate eligibility for federal aid programs, 部落高等教育,以及校园奖学金. 处理FAFSA申请 takes seven to ten days once all Pin #’s (signatures) are submitted.

学生 will be considered for all types of federal, state, or institutional grants some funds are on a f国税局t-come, f国税局t-served basis so apply as early as possible. For additional information regarding financial aid, scholarship opportunities, and policies contact the 财政援助办事处 or 你当地的顾问.

国税局4506-T表格申请纳税申报表 http://www.irs.gov/uac/About-Form-4506T 


Federal regulations require that institutions participating in federal financial aid 项目衡量学生的进步. 除非机构同意,否则不得支付资金 de术语ines that the student is maintaining satisfactory progress in the course of studies he/she is pursuing, according to the standards and practices of the institution 学生出席的会议. 在每学期结束时 all students will be evaluated for satisfactory academic progress.

To be in satisfactory 站 each student must meet the Qualitative, Quantitative, 及资助限额准则.

Each student who receives Federal financial aid must have at least a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) as defined by their attempted credit hours:
Freshman: A student who has attempted 0 to 15 credits – CGPA Required 1.5
Freshman 2: A student who has attempted 16 to 30 credits – CGPA required 1.75
Sophomore: A student who has attempted 31 or more credits – CGPA required 2.0

The student is eligible for financial aid when they successfully earn with a passing grade of A, B, C, D, or P at least 67% of the cumulative attempted credit hours per 术语. 分数F、UW、W或I被认为是不及格的分数.

闲庄和游戏 count the following grades as hours attempted and they are calculated into CGPA:

闲庄和游戏 将以下课程计算为尝试或获得.

Student’s Quantitative progress will be calculated as Cumulative Earned Credit/Cumulative 尝试信用. For example: A student attempting 12 credit hours in a 术语 and successfully completing 6 will not be meeting Criteria 2 requirements.

学生 who fail to meet these standards are deemed to be making unsatisfactory progress 和财政援助将受到影响. 学生将收到书面通知 从财政援助办公室了解他们的情况. 副本也将提供给 the Academic Dean, the Registrar and the student’s 教师 advisor. 学生不开会 minimum standards will be subject to 金融援助 Warning or Suspension.

金融援助 Warning, Suspension, Probation, Academic Plan, and Regaining Eligibility 定义在 学术的进步.

It is the student's responsibility to notify the 财政援助办事处 when he/she has met the satisfactory academic progress requirements for reinstatement. 学生 will be notified in writing if they are being placed on financial aid warning or suspension.


All federal financial aid eligibility is limited to 150% of the published length of 该机构的教育项目. 因此,对学生的资助有限制 enrolled at 闲庄和游戏 will be assessed on an individual basis according to the declared 有关尝试学分的程序. 超过这个资助限额,学生将会 预计将自费继续上课. 从 another institution will be calculated in the cumulative total of the 150%. 上诉 for exceptions may be made through the Student Scholastic Committee (Academic Dean, Dean of 学生服务, Registrar, 金融援助, Student Billing and an appointed 教员).


● Must enroll in a program of study leading to a degree or certificate
一定是美国人.S. 公民或符合条件的非公民
● Must not be in default on a student loan or owe a 退款 on a grant previously received 从任何一所大学. If you need assistance with this process contact your Financial 援助主任.
● Must have a high school diploma or complete a 格 before receiving aid.
● Must be registered with selective service if male and 18 years or older
● Must be making satisfactory progress if a continuing student

The award amount is based on cost of attendance, enrollment status, prior year's income, 以及每学年的入学人数. 学生必须在场 在班上表现良好. 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院不提供联邦奖学金 直接贷款.

The Bureau of Indian Affa国税局 (BIA) Higher Education grant programs provide financial assistance to American Indian students, who are enrolled members of federally recognized 部落. 学生 interested in applying for BIA Higher Education grants or Adult Vocational Education grants must contact their Tribe's higher education program for application 程序和期限.

In order to complete the application process for Tribal grants, students must have 完成了FAFSA. Deadlines for these programs vary for the Fall, Spring, and Summer 学期或会议. 请与你的注册机构核实确切的截止日期. BIA资金 是有限的,所以尽早申请.

The 内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院 offers several scholarships established by private 组织和个人. 每个奖学金的标准和奖励金额各不相同.
Applications for the following scholarships are available from the 财政援助办事处 或校园顾问.

The American Indian College Fund provides assistance to learners who demonstrate high 学术成就. These scholarships may be awarded to any student who has demonstrated 学业成绩优异,经济需求未得到满足. 奖学金的一部分 可以颁发给非本地学生.


闲庄和游戏 offers scholarships to all incoming High School Graduates who are enrolled Native
American (descendancy proof also allowed) or Nebraska residents. 这个奖学金 适用于
to the entire time that the student is enrolled in a degree seeking program so long 随着
student persists from fall to spring and following fall and spring 术语s.

  • Student must be enrolled within 9 months of their high school graduation date or completion 他们最后的通识教育文凭.
  • Full time students (at least 12 credits) will be eligible for $1000.00每年
  • 学生 must be enrolled every fall and spring semester until they graduate from 闲庄和游戏.
  • 学生必须保持2分.0 CGPA
  • Starting the second enrolled 术语 students will be required to maintain good academic 站.
  • Nebraska resident or member of a Federally Recognized tribe or show descendancy by providing a birth certificate and parent enrollment (talk to the Registrar’s office for 其他问题).
  • 学生 will not be required to demonstrate need for financial aid.

High School Graduate Scholarship for less than full time or students that do not meet 入学或居住要求

High School Graduates not attending full time will receive a $500.00奖学金 入学第一年.

  • Student must be enrolled within 9 months of their high school graduation date or completion 他们最后的通识教育文凭.
  • 学生 will not be required to demonstrate need for financial aid.

闲庄和游戏 offers non-退款able tuition waivers for citizens 55 years of age or older as 在入学的第一天. 符合条件的老年人需付费 与学生服务相关的费用. 支付学费的学生有优先权 老年人,如果课程达到容量.

闲庄和游戏 offers non-退款able tuition waivers for summer semester when students successfully 完成课程作业. 学生必须寻求所有经济援助的可能性 在收到这份弃权书之前. 夏季的豁免应在开始时提交 这个术语的.

闲庄和游戏 offers several other scholarship opportunities including:
● 学生 are encouraged to complete an on-going Internet search for the hundreds 全年提供的大学奖学金.

学生 must understand that applying for a scholarship 不 necessarily mean 该学生将获得奖学金. 所有奖学金都是竞争性的, in most cases, tied to a high grade point average, good attendance, and/or unmet need. 所有奖学金的截止日期都严格遵守. 大多数奖学金都需要书面证明 申请人的论文,照片或其他文件.


All required admission and financial aid documentation must be complete and on file 在获得任何经济援助之前. Each student's financial aid is credited to their student account in the Business 在办公室收到的订单. 所有机构收费,包括学费、杂费、 books, materials, and supplies are deducted from the financial aid award(s). 如果一个 student's financial aid exceeds institutional charges, the student will receive a 退款. College students will receive their financial aid in up to two disbursements 每学期. Federal funds will be disbursed the sixth week and throughout the 术语 with 出勤和学术成绩证明. 被认定为“不出席”的学生 and excessive absenteeism in the f国税局t four weeks will have their financial aid held 直到中期审查进展为止. 非联邦资金将在期间/之后支付 第十周. No funds will be awarded until they are received from the awarding 机构.

学生, who withdraw from all of their courses or stop attending during a 术语, will have their award recalculated as directed by Title IV requirements, usually referred 为R2T4. This calculation is done by the 金融援助 Director and the funds are 返回. 学生 may also have scholarship monies reduced if they have not met criteria 闲庄和游戏奖学金.